Dr Slender

Dr Slender is someone who learned to be quiet with time ... but sometimes .... learning is not enough (♪chicken song♪)


Dr Slender was detained all is life in a secret governement facility because of is affinity with magic and was part of horrible experiments all is life until “the event”.

All is young life was pass by the side of a brilliant french scientist named Leandre. This scientist was a genius so to speak … and was combining what she learned from magic with the numerous invention she came up with.

The young guinea pig that was Dr slender learned the scientific method and became quite impressive in science himself.

Unfortunaly, one day, a young and harsh commander killed Leandre in a fit of rage and that day, the young one would always call himself “Dr Slender” for no apparent reason. People always assumed that this new “unbalanced” behavior was due to the emotional scar leaved by the death of what was the only motherly figure the young one had.

Liberated after an accident due to the Big Bang, now the doctor wander the land in search of god knows what and is goal are still unknown.

Dr Slender

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